I offer hope for patients with multiple disorders of the brain. I have been trained to treat all types of brain tumors and vascular malformations of the brain. I utilize the latest techniques and technologies for the care of my patients and have available to me in the operating room, image guided systems that help precisely localize brain tumors to minimize trauma to normal tissue. In addition, I utilize non-operative techniques to treat brain tumors and other disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia with high dose focal radiation (CyberKnife®).


I treat all patients with spinal disorders ranging from common degenerative conditions to complex reconstructive procedures.  Some of the disorders would include:

Spinal Stenosis
Disc Herniation (ruptured disc commonly referred to as Sciatica)
Metastatic Cancer to the Spine
Spinal Cord Tumors
Compression Fractures
Infections of the Spine
Multiple Disorders of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine

To view some of the more common procedures that I perform, please refer to the video section of the website. These include minimally invasive microdiscectomies and fusions, kyphoplasties, artificial discs and cervical fusions. There is also a technique for treatment of pain with a spinal cord stimulator for patients who have failed back surgery.

I have extensive experience with minimally invasive procedures for the spine, and have been performing these procedures since 1999.

Peripheral Nerve Surgeries:

Carpal Tunnel Surgery (Endoscopic and Open)
Nerve Transposition & Nerve Tumor



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